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Brand Management

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Logos and marks

Visual Identity

The land-grant mission of Oklahoma State University leads OSU to seek various avenues for improving the lives of all. These avenues are as diverse as the people OSU touches and their economic activities, educational pursuits and cultural expressions.


OSU has a significant commercial interest in play as its alumni, students, friends and fans seek to express their orange passion by using products and wearing apparel that bear the OSU brand. A portion of every purchase price for OSU-branded goods returns to the university to fund scholarships and other worthy programs. Emblems, marks and graphics are occasionally developed to support and widen these markets.


These marks remain the property of the university and are essential to its overall success. Continuous and consistent application of them is essential.

The proper administration of all the marks require them to be organized in such a way as to honor their integrity but still proudly present their OSU sponsorship and connection.

Our marks and how to use them

Current marks

The marks of Oklahoma State University are sorted into two categories: primary and  secondary.


The primary mark is the principal graphic signature of Oklahoma State University, its campuses, extension services and units.


Other university symbols, marks or logos may not be more prominent than the primary mark without approval. The overarching purpose is to maintain continuity and consistency in the application of the primary mark on all materials that originate from OSU. The primary mark should never be excluded for a subsidiary mark.


Current marks


Please retire and update any outdated marks or wordmarks that are not reflected in current brand guidelines.


Usage specifications

The overarching goal is to maintain continuity and consistency in the application of the primary mark on all materials that originate from OSU.


The fundamental principles of good design should be employed in all marketing materials to ensure the highest quality standards. The mark should never be reproduced with improper colors, distortions or distracting background and foreground elements.


How to use our current marks


While Oklahoma State's nomenclature represents the organization as a whole, affiliate campuses, colleges and departments can use tailored workmarks for their unit.


How to use our wordmarks

Print and digital assets

Please visit our vendor services page for a list of official university vendors.



All stationery items for OSU are created and printed by our official vendors. This page includes information for letterheads, envelopes and business cards.



There are 9 total nametag variations that can be created and ordered through an approved vendor.


Email signatures

Email is the primary mode of communication both internally and externally, so it is critical that a consistent email signature be used by all entities across the university.


Powerpoint templates

Consistency in how we make presentations as a university contributes to the overall brand. View and download our official powerpoint templates.


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