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Brand Management

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Printing a project? Please use one of the vendors below. These are the only printing vendors approved for official university materials.

Printers Licensed for Printing Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes


Rick Dearinger
Phone: 405.372.5503
Fax: 405.372.5575

Oklahoma Career Tech

Tim Hodges
Phone: 405.743.5533
Fax: 405.743.6838

University Printing Services

Kristina Sever
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 405.325.4176
Fax: 405.579.0310

Printers Licensed for General Purpose Printing

OSU campuses, colleges and units must use an approved vendor in the list for general printing, which we define as press printing (digital or offset) that goes from press to binding without special treatment such as die cuts, foils, embossing, etc., and includes things like slick sheets, brochures, postcards, posters, booklets, etc.
This will ensure quality and consistency in our print materials.

Blanks Printing
Jeff May
Phone: 469.341.2034
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001059-2021

Tim Hodges
Phone: 405.743.5533
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001060-2021

Caye Solutions
Dustin Holder
Phone: 918.282.6476
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001064-2021

ColorArt, LLC
Brady Hochstein
Phone: 806.376.4347
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001061-2021

FedEx Office
Terrence Green
Phone: 402.578.3342
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001062-2021

Heritage Press
Michelle Coffman
Phone: 405.422.2601
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001063-2021

Quick Print of Tulsa
Amy Gravely Witkowski
Phone: 918.633.5828
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001065-2021

Resource One
Cindy Hibblen
Account Executive
Phone: 918.381.4860
Fax: 918.512.4650
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001066-2021

Southwestern Group
Dan Martin
Account Executive
Phone: 405.525.9411 x4248
Fax: 405.556.9000
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001067-2021

Western Printing
Brandon Turney

Sales Representative
Marty Darnell
Phone: 918.665.2874
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001068-2021

Printers Licensed for Printing Magazines

Royle Printing

Jay Roberts
Phone: 612.839.5767
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001657-2023

Modern Litho Print Co.

Tim Steinbeck
Phone: 573.644.7030
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001656-2023

Slate Group

Dylan Denny
Phone: 806.794.7752
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001658-2023

Calev Systems

Loyd Walker
Phone 517-881-7818
Contract Number: OSUA&M-PRNT-001655-2023

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