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Current marks

The marks of Oklahoma State University are sorted into two categories: primary and secondary. Brief descriptions follow with approved marks to reference as examples.

Primary mark

Oklahoma State University's primary brandWhen we talk about THE BRAND at Oklahoma State, we refer to both the OSU Brand logo that we proudly wear — and what makes us proud to wear it.


The primary mark is the principal graphic signature of Oklahoma State University, its campuses, extension services and units. Other university symbols, marks or logos may not be more prominent than the primary mark without approval.


The overarching purpose is to maintain continuity and consistency in the application of the primary mark on all materials that originate from OSU.


The primary mark should never be excluded for a subsidiary mark.

Secondary marks

Secondary marks are either an established unit mark or distinctive because of the market served and/or the audience reached.


New secondary marks require the approval of the vice president of enrollment and brand management.


Pistol Pete

Pistol pete mug and full bodyPistol Pete is a registered trademark of Oklahoma State University and cannot be altered without approval by the trademarks and licensing administrator. Oklahoma State University prohibits the use of institutional marks with language or depictions that are insensitive or offensive based on race/ethnicity, color, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.

Pistol Pete can be used to represent the university on all materials where a “spirit” symbol is appropriate. In other applications, Pistol Pete should not replace the primary
OSU mark. Pistol Pete must always face to his right. The licensing office must approve any use of Pistol Pete.


Academic emblem

academic emblemThe design visually restates OSU’s dedication to the land-grant university mission. The emblem’s focal point is the land-grant triangle, which represents the three core components of OSU’s mission of scholarship, instruction and service. The 1890 marks the year OSU was established. The academic emblem is intended only for scholarly uses, research and faculty communication.


It is not to be used for any other purpose, such as recruiting students. It is a trademark and cannot be altered. Its standard color and black-and-white configurations allow for flexibility of use in different media.


The primary mark remains the preferred mark for all university units, events or activities and is suitable for all circumstances.


University nomenclature

The primary logo is preferred for all applications. The positioning statement “America’s Brightest Orange” should not be used with the nomenclature. The nomenclature of Oklahoma State University is a registered trademark and cannot be altered. Electronic files of official logos, wordmarks and nomenclatures are available from the trademarks and licensing administration.


OSU nomenclature with primary logo



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