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Fjalla One

Fjalla One is a secondary typeface for Oklahoma State University.


Fjalla One should not be used for text or body copy purposes as it hinders legibility. In contrast to Gotham Narrow, Fjalla One calls attention to its content with taller, narrower proportions than our primary typeface using only one weight. Fjalla One can be used both digitally and in print.


Fjalla One was chosen for its compressed letterforms that subtly harken back to traditional western typefaces, while remaining modern and steering clear of kitsch. It is intended for use at large sizes to lend impact to messaging and headings, rather than for body text.

FjallaOne large letter (S)

Character line up for Fjalla One, A-Z and 1-0

Typeface details

Fjalla One is the primary web sans serif typeface for OSU. It can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

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