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Gotham Narrow


Gotham Narrow is the primary sans serif typeface for Oklahoma State University. 


The Gotham Narrow font family is a versatile typeface with a variety of weights that can be used in several applications. In fact, you’re looking at Gotham Narrow right now, as it’s the typeface used throughout this Branding Guide.


Gotham Narrow should be used where readability is most important with bodies of text, like press releases and media guides. The book weight of Gotham Narrow is the preferred option for text bodies, with the medium, bold, black and ultra weights available when additional emphasis is required. The light, extra light and thin weights should only be used when the text is large enough to maintain legibility

Gotham Narrow large letter

Gotham Narrow characters

Alternate typeface

Gotham Narrow is considered the primary typeface of OSU. In the event that Gotham Narrow is unavailable to you, use this alternative typeface:



Available through Google Fonts

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