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Social media and digital communications

Digital communications are an important extension of the OSU brand.


Telling our story and informing and engaging our followers is reflective of our culture.


The department of brand management has many resources for departments wishing to leverage social media, including weekly campaign content, monthly webinars, quarterly trainings and more. To review our guidelines, register a new social account and join our email list, visit

Appropriate use policy

OSU policy governs how individuals or departments can represent the university on social media.


The “Appropriate Use Policy — 3-0601” states in section 4.09:


Digital media defined

This section applies to any faculty, employee or associate involved in creating, contributing to or distributing university-related information via digital media communication channels often referred to as social media platforms. The term digital media refers to any communications facilitated by technology. This can include online channels, phone/app-based communications and more.


Professional and personal use

The university utilizes social media technologies to enhance more direct communications with its faculty, staff, students, alumni and prospective students.


University employees who use social media should use caution when using their personal social media accounts for business purposes. Specifically:


Individuals should not use their personal account to act or be perceived as acting as representatives of a university, college, school division, etc. unless given the expressed authority to do so by brand management. This will help prevent the perception that published personal content is an expression of an official university position. See OSU Policy 1-0103, Use of University Name, for more information.


Individuals should never share proprietary or confidential information or comment on anything related to legal matters without the appropriate approval.


Content shared via social media platforms must also adhere to OSU and OSU A&M policies and procedures as well as state and federal regulations, including though not limited to, FERPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and NCAA limitations.


Registering digital media accounts

Any person who would like to register a digital media account on behalf of an OSU organization, department or college must request access to the official registration form and work with the department of brand management to ensure accounts are set up properly. All registered digital media accounts also must adhere to the Digital Media Policy above and University Social Media Guidelines.


For questions concerning the use of OSU trademarks, including the OSU logo, visit


View brand assets for university social media accounts, including avatar templates, cover images and more.


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