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Patternlab Template

After extensive research and design, the Department Brand Management released the new and improved OSU homepage.  This page covers the specific elements and design philosophy incorporated in the new template.


A new way of thinking

Take a step back and look at your website from an external user’s perspective. What would someone with no prior knowledge of your department need to see and do on your website? How could you organize content in a way that makes sense to them?

These are all great questions to ask while working through your migration.

Information foraging

The information foraging theory infers that users on the web use the same techniques to search for information as our ancestors when they hunted for food.

Think "scan" not "read"

Users don't necessarily read every word on a page. They have a specific task in mind and they scan the page until they find the keyword they were looking for. This is where it's important to organize content visually and make it scannable.

What does a scannable page look like?
  • It’s high-quality pictures and videos paired with short digestible pieces of information.
  • It’s eye-catching headers and subheaders, ordered sequentially.
  • It’s buttons and links with strong call-to-actions (CTA's).

Navigation structure

Recent studies suggest that users can only remember 3-7 options at one time, which drove our decision to move away from the "mega-menu" style navigation that we have incorporated in the past.

Rather than present the user a long list of links at the top of the page, we are focusing on how to layer content in bite-sized pieces and give them more information the deeper they go. 


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