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Request a Website


Submit a helpdesk ticket

Upon approval of the subdomain and site request, Information Technology will set up a stage site with the appropriate secure template and notify the site administrators of the stage URL. At that time, website administrators will copy desired content to the new site.


It is imperative that users go through template training before they are granted access to their new Omni site.  If site admins have not yet gone through training, they will need to contact the Brand Management Web Team to sign up for the online training or go to to sign up for the in-person training.


Go-live process

When the stage site is ready to go live, please submit a new helpdesk ticket requesting a website go-live.

A go-live takes about 2 weeks, as there are multiple departments involved.

  • Brand Management will perform an accessibility and branding check to make sure template pieces are being used appropriately.
  • IT Systems Security will perform a security scan of the new site.
  • Brand Management and Sever Administration work through site redirects given to us by the site administrator (if there was a previous site in existence).
  • Finally, IT Telecommunications will push the new site live.
  • After the site is live, the old site files and database will be deleted from the servers. If these files will be needed, please request a backup in your site's go live request.
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