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Code Release Updates

Code updates are released monthly, typically on the 4th Tuesday of each month.


August 2021

Planned Release 8/24

  • Added functionality for a local google CSE search results page.
  • Updated infinite scroll on news site for advanced analytics reporting
  • Fixed bug with Three Column feature snippet header - homepage mobile display
  • Fixed bug with story bylines not displaying in news article template

July 2021

Released 7/27

  • New Concept 3d Map Embed Components
  • Added lazy loading to additional components (news components, parallax background components, image galleries)
  • Reworked Parallax background elements to allow lazy loading.
  • Fixed issue with parallax background components (Pete Feature, Orange CTA with Link List) where background would occasionally not display or partially display.
  • Updates to extension county map to include district offices, improve mobile display

June 2021

Released 6/22

  • Introduced Lazy Loading Images - the majority of images should now lazy load by default. Lazy loading waits to download the image until it is about to scroll into view, saving bandwidth and increasing initial page load times.
  • Added a sortable table snippet with clickable headers
  • Optimization of additional css/js includes
  • Updated degree filter (A-Z listing pages) so they remember previous selection on back button.

May 2021

Released 5/27

  • Allow multiple departments on academic program pages
  • Edit major/minor/option data within component on academic program pages
  • Fixed W3C error on local alerts
  • Added TikTok and Spotify social icons
  • Add fast fact snippet to plant id template (Extension)
  • Add social image field to fact sheet template (Extension)

April 2021

Released 4/27

  • News site bugfixes (right aligned/left aligned images)
  • Fixed issue with duplicated options in program overview component when option has custom display title
  • Relocated gallery on plantid template
  • W3C updates for header file - fixes Attribute “aria-selected” not allowed on element “a” at this point error. Requires republish of header file.
  • Blog/article templates and functionality
  • Magazine article templates (for news site)

January-March 2021

Released 4/2

  • Patternlab News site features
    • Components to pull and display news articles in various ways (tiles, teasers, lists, archive pages)
    • Tag Page Component (for displaying links to "browse by tag" pages)
    • In the News Component (for displaying articles from OSU's in the news archive)
    • Ostate TV feed component
    • Podcast embed component
    • News Article template
    • New pullquote snippets
    • Additional article image snippets
  • Bugfix: Sidenav fix for CHS campus site.


December 2020

Released 12/22

  • Online cost component for online degree pages

November 2020

Released 11/24

  • CSS Bugfix for new inline portrait images

October 2020

Released 10/29

  • Added 'professional' level to academic program templates and filters
  • Added 'Plan of Study' link to academic program templates (grad)
  • Changed default abbreviations for 'cc' and 'fin4' on academic program templates
  • Improved sorting for online/in-person versions of same major on lisiting pages
  • Improved keyboard controls for homepage video/hero snippet (youtube)
  • Added options for sizing inline images
  • Added attribution to Cowboy Code snippet
  • Added "teaserbase" to Trumba Custom snippet
  • Fixed link bug on social directory snippet

September 2020

Released 9/29

  • Certificate template options added for academic program templates
  • New State map (with individually clickable counties) component
  • Added category filtering to Program Overview component.
  • Added filtering for academic states and categories with simple list styling.
  • Added "eyebrow" to tertiary header style
  • Added subhead to info cards snippet

August 2020

Released 8/25

  • A-Z List and Program details component release
  • Updates to academic program templates (now using components)
  • Academic program templates can be hidden from listing/feed via checkbox option
  • Updated routing bar snippet so all colors can use "inset" variant
  • Fixed A-Z two/three col snippets - numbers will now sort under '#' header. Special characters like quotation marks (") will be ignored for sorting purposes.

July 2020

Released 7/28

  • Added 2nd line to address contact snippet
  • Added google search option to extension site templates
  • Enabled captcha on webforms

June 2020

Released 6/23

  • New Announcements display - orange CTA style
  • No index (request search engine not to index page) can be applied to an entire directory. Requires helpdesk request.
  • Added region above navigation on sidebar templates (applies to new pages)
  • Option templates for academic programs
  • Added Departmental footer for interior site sections (requires helpdesk ticket to enable)
  • Extension Plant ID template

Bug fixes

  • Filter library - Fixed bug with incomplete resuts set when searching for multiple tags

May 2020

Released 5/26

  • Announcements feature released
  • Added new variants to routing bar snippet (inset and icons)
  • Made header eybrow optional (formatting fix)
  • New snippet Link Cards
  • Updates to academic program templates
  • New Program Details component (pulls academic program data from central location)
  • Added department name to props file (applies to newly created sections). If set, will display the department name above the header on every interior page.
  • DASNR Fact Sheet - Handling for tags with special characters

April 2020

Released 4/28

  • Added "no index" option to properties tab for all page types, requests that search engines not index the page.
  • New Link Cloud snippet
  • New Pete Details snippet
  • New Routing Bar Snippet
  • Changed fade direction on page title to "up"
  • Corrected a few miscolored icons

March 2020

Released 03/31

  • Fixed display of single info card
  • Added pre-footer for department level pages *
  • New Three column feature text with image snippet
  • New Orange Gallery snippet
  • Updated college/secondary footer

* - Will need to be enabled on a section by section basis.

February 2020

Released 02/25

  • Expanded Icon Sets - 370+ new icons to choose from when used with icon snippets. New icons have black, white and orange variants available.
  • New template types for online/graduate programs
  • Integration of Academic common market language/links into program templates
  • Updates to info card stylings to better accommodate various numbers of cards. Changes max number of cards per row to 3 instead of 4. *
  • County map template, made map header fields editable
  • Added screen reader label to Extension archive search to improve accessibility
  • Add feedback state to "Was this helpful" fact sheet component

Bug fixes

  • Tables have wrong headers on mobile when page contains multiple tables
  • Fixed dropdown arrow positioning on mobile menu
  • Fixed broken spinner image on Omni form submissions
  • Fixed broken tag urls generated by fact sheet template
  • Intro With Media snippet columns overlap in IE11
  • Orange CTA snippet background doesn't display completely when content above is dynamically reloaded or resized

* Pages with only two cards will need to be republished to correctly apply this update.


January 2020

Released 01/28

  • A-Z  link list snippet - 2 and 3 column
  • Output for authors linked to profiles on fact sheets
  • Related Experts Snippet (for extension fact sheets)
  • Update Extension teasers to show all tags for related articles (extension)
  • Large/Small thumb options added for related content teasers (extension)
  • Add related events to fact sheets (trumba integration)

Bug fixes

  • Header links tertiary header not pulling correct urls
  • Fixes to Oklahoma County Map template, links and labels
  • Compact footer links not including correct URL for link back to homepage
  • Fix back to top display bug (additional whitespace added to bottom of page) *
  • Fix flash of unstyled content on Fact Sheet sharing bar

* Requires republish of pages



December 2019

Released 12/18

  • Person details template snippets for social
  • Updated styling for expertise topics on person details page
  • New Residence Hall template page
  • New County Offices (map) template page
  • Updated news and events snippet to allow 2 or 4 items
  • Added functionality for searching/filtering collections of content
  • Fact sheet updates - link taxonomy tags to topic pages, social sharing functionality

Bug fixes

  • Fixed 50-50 dropdown hiding behind footer when last element on page
  • Fixed issue where smaller images were tiling on enlarged hero variant

November 2019

Released 11/26

  • Include related content on fact sheets
  • Added site search to tertiary header
  • Person Details Template formatting updates (snippets) [WIP]
  • Fact Sheet styling updates
  • Added Enlarged hero with full width title option (patternlab)
  • Machform Embed snippet (patternlab)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where large tables prevented pages from rendering
  • Added wrapper to prevent wide tables from breaking layout
  • Fixed issue where 50/50 flex dropdowns could appear behind the next pattern when opened.
  • Resolved issue where top nav dropdowns only worked on 2nd and 3rd items.

October 2019

Released 10/29

  • Added Panoramic with full width title variant option to hero snippet (patternlab)
  • Added Call to action with Social snippet (patternlab)
  • Added secondary site footer (patternlab)
  • Added tertiary site header (patternlab)
  • Person Details Template [WIP] (patternlab)
  • Extension Fact sheet updates [WIP]  (patternlab)
  • Added thumbnail field to DASNR fact sheet template (patternlab)
  • Bugfix -- Fixed pager display bug on news widgets when filtering with multiple tags (bootstrap)

September 2019

Released 9/24

  • County page templates for extension templates (patternlab)
  • Added XML search/filtering module for aggregated nodesets
  • Added resources callout snippet for bootstrap templates
  • Made subheading optional on Feature Text w/ Black callout snippet (patternlab)

August 2019

Released 8/27

  • Autoupdate copyright footer date (patternlab)
  • Update footer social icons for screenreader text (patternlab)
  • Updates (jumplink fix) to extension templates (patternlab)
  • Added functionality to table snippet - merge cells/rows, markup such as links and superscript characters allowed in table cells, optional caption, optional summary row (patternlab)

July 2019

Released 7/23

  • General bug fixes

June 2019

Released 7/1

  • Update branding colors and logos on all template versions
  • Added support for multiple rss alert feeds (standard and emergency alert levels) in all template versions
  • Sites for other campuses can subscribe to their own campuses rss alert feeds in all template versions
  • Sites can use a local alert file instead of rss alerts to manage global alerts. Must be approved and enabled by OSU Brand Management.

May 2019

Released 5/30

  • Fixed facebook snippet w3c error (bootstrap)
  • Icon fix (svg) for IE11
  • Added additional spacing on feature link box links
  • Set profile pages (bootstrap) to not display empty spaces for empty fields

April 2019

Released 4/23

  • Include filterview option for Trumba snippets (patternlab)
  • Updated zip code formatting on directory
  • Add support for custom links and vita urls on profile pages (from directory)

Mar 2019

Released on 3/26

  • New pattern lab templates available to campus by request
  • Profile page displays Vita and professional site from expertise

Additional bug fixes released 4/8

  • Bugfix - Deleting all snippets from sidebar makes sidebar hard to edit (patternlab)
  • Bugfix - Deleting all content from main content region hides button (patternlab)
  • Bugfix - Sidenav has gray box obscuring content (patternlab)
  • Bugfix - Resolved styling conflicts on Omni forms (patternlab)
  • Bugfix - Profile pages using wrong template (bootstrap)

Feb 2019

Released on 3/5

  • Structural updates to support new templates
  • Updated news feed snippet to allow additional tag matching options - new snippet allows multiple tags and can be set to match any or all provided tags *
  • Updates to RSS alert feed display
  • Fixed display bug on tabs snippet when multiple tabs snippets are present on the same page.
  • Updated news article template to remove google plus option

* - This feature requires some modifications to each sites configuration. We will be going through and enabling this manually on each site as time allows. If you have questions about this please contact

Jan 2019

  • Template bug fixes to new pattern lab templates.



December 2018

  • Finalized development on new OSU homepage templates (pattern lab templates). These templates will be extended for use by secondary sites over the spring semester.

October/November 2018

  • Updates/Improvements to directory module

August/September 2018

Released 9/25

  • Include Magazine Articles in News Site RSS feed
  • Updated News RSS service to allow multiple tags in filter
  • Updated directory profile pages to display job title
  • Fixed various display bugs on directory profiles

July 2018

Released 7/31

  • Updated directory module to sort departments alphabetically
  • Fixed bug where multiple images in an image snippet prevented editors from modifying a page

June 2018

Released 6/26

  • Invisible reCAPTCHA integration on form assets
  • Responsive image snippet will allow links on images, alt text is required
  • Update directory module to remove profiles that are no longer in feed

May 2018

Released 5/24

  • Resolved bug on stage where site name appears at double its normal size
  • Resolved bug on news site where tags would not display if social sharing and comments were turned off
  • Updated homepage tiles snippet to display correctly by default

April 2018

Released 4/24

  • Omni Directory Module
  • Updated OstateTV snippet to allow full screen button functionality
  • Resolved W3C validation errors on OstateTV snippet
  • Resolved incorrect encoding/content-type issue with RSS feeds
  • Resolved display issues with profile page template
  • Resolved styling bug when using a bootstrap button and Omni form on the same page
  • Resolved bug with news feed snippet displaying incorrect page count

March 2018

  • Updated feeds (news site and homepage) to work with new OstateTV vendor
  • Updated Responsive video snippet to work with new OstateTV vendor
  • Added Snippets for Trumba Spuds (calendars and controls)
  • Resolved google search style bug
  • Resolved form radio button styling bug
  • Resolved accessibility errors on accordion snippet and panel snippets

February 2018

  • Added overrides for search and footer social links (for branch campuses)

January 2018

  • Social embed snippets (twitter, facebook, instagram)
  • News Feed Snippet (feed stories to your site based on category/tag)
  • Added overrides for footer links, campus map, and quick links (for branch campuses)



December 2017

  • Bootstrap grid snippets for creating custom page layouts
  • News RSS feed (for non-omni sites, apps etc)
  • Various enhancements for news site
  • Added white theme variant for sites that do not want an image background
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