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Oklahoma State University

OmniUpdate Resources

We hope the resources below will help you in managing your OmniUpdate website.

OmniUpdate User Guide

Download OSU's Omni User Guide. The guide provides basic and advanced information to help you use Omni successfully. This pdf can also be found under the "Add-ons" tab within the CMS.

Responsive Guide and Features

This responsive theme guide highlights certain features within Omni and helps you use them better. If there is a particular feature you would like showcased on this page, please let us know and we can add it.

Tutorial Videos

This section is an on-going project and we are looking to build more video tutorials for you to refer to in the future. If you have any suggestions on topics, please feel free to contact our web team and we will look into it.

News Website Training

How Users Read Online, New City Web Content Training

Secrets of Show Don't Tell, New City Web Content Training

Creating Interactive Content, New City Web Content Training

Making a Shift to the Pattern Library, New City Web Content Training


Important: If your department is wanting to migrate their existing sites into OmniUpdate, there is a mandatory training class your web person(s) must take prior to being granted access to your Omni site (post-migration). In order to sign up for a class, please visit and search for OMNI, once logged in.