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Oklahoma State University

Code Release Updates

Code updates are released monthly, typically on the 4th Tuesday of each month.


Jan 2018

  • Template bug fixes to new pattern lab templates.


December 2018

  • Finalized development on new OSU homepage templates (pattern lab templates). These templates will be extended for use by secondary sites over the spring semester.

October/November 2018

  • Updates/Improvements to directory module

August/September 2018

Released 9/25

  • Include Magazine Articles in News Site RSS feed
  • Updated News RSS service to allow multiple tags in filter
  • Updated directory profile pages to display job title
  • Fixed various display bugs on directory profiles

July 2018

Released 7/31

  • Updated directory module to sort departments alphabetically
  • Fixed bug where multiple images in an image snippet prevented editors from modifying a page

June 2018

Released 6/26

  • Invisible reCAPTCHA integration on form assets
  • Responsive image snippet will allow links on images, alt text is required
  • Update directory module to remove profiles that are no longer in feed

May 2018

Released 5/24

  • Resolved bug on stage where site name appears at double its normal size
  • Resolved bug on news site where tags would not display if social sharing and comments were turned off
  • Updated homepage tiles snippet to display correctly by default

April 2018

Released 4/24

  • Omni Directory Module
  • Updated OstateTV snippet to allow full screen button functionality
  • Resolved W3C validation errors on OstateTV snippet
  • Resolved incorrect encoding/content-type issue with RSS feeds
  • Resolved display issues with profile page template
  • Resolved styling bug when using a bootstrap button and Omni form on the same page
  • Resolved bug with news feed snippet displaying incorrect page count

March 2018

  • Updated feeds (news site and homepage) to work with new OstateTV vendor
  • Updated Responsive video snippet to work with new OstateTV vendor
  • Added Snippets for Trumba Spuds (calendars and controls)
  • Resolved google search style bug
  • Resolved form radio button styling bug
  • Resolved accessibility errors on accordion snippet and panel snippets

February 2018

  • Added overrides for search and footer social links (for branch campuses)

January 2018

  • Social embed snippets (twitter, facebook, instagram)
  • News Feed Snippet (feed stories to your site based on category/tag)
  • Added overrides for footer links, campus map, and quick links (for branch campuses)


December 2017

  • Bootstrap grid snippets for creating custom page layouts
  • News RSS feed (for non-omni sites, apps etc)
  • Various enhancements for news site
  • Added white theme variant for sites that do not want an image background